The power of

I opened my first car dealership in Ipswich in 1948 and ever since, I have been privileged to be part of the success story that is South East Queensland.

When I sold my automotive business in 2007, I saw an opportunity to continue to be part of the lives of Queenslanders, this time through property.

And so Zupp Property Group was born.

When I first saw the site for Interciti, I knew it could be something exceptional. It is highly visible and powerfully located in one of the fastest growing and most connected hubs in Australia.

Buildings are like cars in some ways… they always reflect the occupant’s personality and they should make you smile… not just when you first pick up the keys but still many years later!

I see the opportunities that Interciti can offer businesses, connecting the Gold Coast and Brisbane in one masterplanned commercial precinct. Together with innovative, forwardthinking businesses, I look forward to realising this vision in Interciti, the power of two “citis” in one.

John Zupp
Founder, Zupp Property Group
Masterplanned through forward-thinking design and construction, the precinct has been developed with the future in mind, allowing businesses to maximise innovation and opportunity.

For more information about Zupp Property Group visit their website.